Wednesday, 27 February 2013

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The booth was tested with Firefox Mozilla OS, which is the start of summer elastrator in the lower price range. Sony, LG, Huawei, ZTE and Alcatel behind it. 

Mozilla is almost two years continuously developing its own mobile platform, which was originally called Boot to Gecko silent, in July of last year was renamed Firefox OS. Mozilla is a complete, unique mobile operating system, making the end result is a system based on a Linux kernel, was held for the first round in the lower price range will be launched. 
Currently, ZTE, Huawei, Alcatel, LG, and Sony's workshop is expected Firefox OS with mounted mobile, partners, Qualcomm, T-Mobile, Telenor, Facebook, Twitter, Disney and eBay also can be found. The system HTML5 / JavaScript applications can be developed (for more information on the official site), which of course the mobile-specific capture and hardware resources, it is not possible to prepare native programs. 

The system hardware can be restrained enough, demo unit a 800 MHz processor clock speed and 256 MB RAM. Mozilla is a basic requirement that employees but the ARMv7 instruction set, at the Web GL -based rendering, graphics hardware acceleration occurs. For now, the only HVGA, 320 x 480 pixels that displays support more resolutions will arrive soon. surface charter board has not planned, but since the entire system is open source, whether it is conceivable. 

The applications along with the full UI are HTML5-based, so the manufacturers and service providers to easily add you own user interface ideas. A single physical control buttons needed by tapping the system jumps to the main page, a long press on the application may be made for lateral transmission. The kijelzőzár a bottom-up gesture lifted straight up cam cam szoftver even faster. The main screen displays the first page of the time, the other pages and websites, shortcuts to installed applications are lined up. The surface of Android notification cites the top of the display lists all of the events removable panels. There is a built-in traffic-monitoring much appreciated, the bottom of the Wi-Fi data traffic, Bluetooth and flight mode indicators are visible.

The search service is deeply integrated into the system, at the same time we are looking at the cost of the phone with the application store and online. The results are more types (such as a Wikipedia page, a YouTube video or SoundCloud link) at the program's background changes dynamically according to the theme. The individual results may set a bookmark to your programs. The app store is a sharp, Firefox Marketplace hear the name of the main page is similar to the Play Store. The contact list can be synchronized with the user's Facebook account, and Google's Exchange support but said no.


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