Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Posted by Jason Cline
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With the trending of HD movies, it is a trend for Blu-ray movies to replace DVD movies, for Blu-ray movies provide even better visual effect and higher image quality. However, much more difficult than DVD movie enjoying, to enjoy Blu-ray movies, a Blu-ray player is a must-have tool, or at least Blu-ray drive shouldn’t be missed. As a matter of fact, there exist quite few choices for us to choose to play Blu-ray movies. And also, for convenience, we could convert Blu-ray to video and then watch Blu-ray movies on various portable media players. This method has helped us a lot in Blu-ray movie enjoying. Now, with the approaching of CES 2013, you can get more options.
Aside from the upcoming X900A 4K TV, just on the first day of CES 2013, Sony has just pushed out 4 Blu-ray players. They are: S1100, S3100, S4100 and S5100. All four players get sharp outlook design, Wi-Fi and TVSideView functions. Users could operate on these devices via SideView apps. The S1100 and S4100 are in black, while the S3100 and S5100 are in blue-green.
The image would be automatically turned to full HD resolution during playing DVD discs on the above 4 Blu-ray players to get better visual effect. With the support of TRILUMINOS Display, the players could deliver more wonderful colors via Bravia TV playback. Meanwhile, the Quick Start Loading saves time for Information Technology users.

The 4 models all support Wi-Fi, which provides functions just like smart-TV. It allows users to visit SEN to play video, music and radio and other contents and services supported by Netflix and LOVEFILM. Of course, website browsing is also supported.